Journey to Justice


People who have advised Journey to Justice


  • Andy Koumi, Manager at Exposure
  • Flo Codjoe, Development Officer at Exposure
  • Elizabeth Henry, National Adviser for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns at the Church of England
  • Abdi Cadani, cameraman with CBS News
  • Sean Pettis, Project Coordinator for ‘Facing Our History, Shaping the Future’
  • Jacob Whittingham, programme director at SE1 United
  • Sarah Stewart, communications specialist
  • Hannah Ishmael, former assistant Archivist at the Black Cultural Archives
  • Anneka Bhosle, curator and archivist
  • Sophie Bloch-Stewart, graduate of American Studies


Race equality/Social justice/community

  • Rob Berkeley, former Director, Runnymede Trust.
  • Simon Woolley, Director, Operation Black Vote.
  • Jenny Bourne, Institute of Race Relations
  • Gillian Walnes MBE, former Executive Director; Grace Nelson, Regional Project  Co-ordinator, Yorkshire& Humberside; Shona Gibbs, Programme Delivery Manager, Anne Frank Trust
  • Professor Francesca Klug, OBE, Director of the Human Rights Futures Project, LSE.
  • Derek Bardowell, former Dir. of Education, Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.
  • David Lammy, MP for Tottenham
  • Sona Mahtani, Chief Executive, Selby Trust, Tottenham
  • Dr. Edie Friedman, Director, Jewish Council of Racial Equality.
  • Liz Cadogan, Social Justice consultant
  • Don Flynn, former Director, Migrants’ Rights Network
  • Angie Kotler, former Managing Director, The Forgiveness Project.
  • Abby Kegg, former Trust Manager, Ben Kinsella Trust.
  • Chris Coates, Librarian, TUC.
  • Kwaku, History consultant,
  • Marcia Saunders, participant in voter registration drive, Tennessee, 1964
  • Lillian Gerber, Youth worker, Pinpoint Mentoring Co-operative.
  • Patrick Taylor, Head of Programmes and Delivery, Envision
  • Dave Morris, Campaigns Officer, National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces.
  • Jason St. John – RMT official
  • Margaret Harris, Emeritus Prof of Voluntary Sector Organisation, Aston University.
  • Sophie Henderson, Director and Emily Miller Education Officer, Migration Museum.

Human rights and faith-based

  • Prof. Robert Beckford, Theology & Religious Studies, Canterbury Christchurch University.
  • Abigail Morris, former director of the Jewish Museum London.
  • Rabbi Shoshana Boyd-Gelfand, Director, JHub.
  • Harriet Crabtree, Director, Interfaith Network for the UK.


  • Sharon Monteith, Distinguished Professor of American Literature and Cultural History, Nottingham Trent University
  • Dr Karen Murphy, International Director, Facing History and Ourselves
  • Dr Alison Twells, Humanities, Sheffield Hallam University
  • Rachel Hasted, researcher/consultant, Inclusive Representation in Public History.
  • Professor Paul Gilroy, Cultural Studies, Kings College.
  • Ira Katznelson, Professor of Political Science and History, Colombia University, NYC.
  • Siobhan Warrington, Director, Oral Testimony Works
  • Professor Brian Ward, Head of American Studies, Northumbria University
  • Dr Stephen Tuck, Oxford University
  • Clodagh Miskelly, Consultant, Participatory Research and Communication.
  • Dr Michelle Johansen, School and Community Learning Officer and Stefan Dickers, Library and Archive Manager, Bishopsgate Library.
  • Professor Robert Cook& Professor Clive Webb, Sussex University, American Studies
  • Professor Philip Davies, Director, Eccles Centre for American Studies, British Library
  • Dave Rosenberg, teacher, writer, activist and tour guide.


Museum/archives contacts

  • Sue McAlpine, Migration Museum Project.
  • Mark O’Neill, former Director of Policy and Research, Glasgow Life.
  • Piotr Bienkowski, Cultural Consultant.
  • Joanne Rosenthal, former Curator, Jewish Museum
  • Claire Ackroyd, Learning and Outreach Manager, Bradford Museums.
  • University College London Museum Studies Department.
  • Dr.  Rob Perks, former Curator of Oral History, British Library.
  • Lucy Johnson, former Exhibition Officer, National Museums Liverpool
  • Louise Sutherland, Head of Collections & Engagement, People’s History Museum
  • TEG (Touring Exhibitions Group)
  • Clare Stephens, Archivist &Deborah Hedgecock, Curator, Bruce Castle Museum.
  • Social Justice Alliance of Museums – Francoise McClafferty
  • Susie Fisher, Director, the Susie Fisher Group.
  • Zoe Dennington, Learning & Events Programming, The American Museum in Britain
  • Inbal Livne, Collections Manager, Powell-Cotton Museum.

Funding and strategy

  • Jenny Williams
  • Jane Steele, Director, Evidence and Learning, Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  • Charlotte Langley, Capital Campaign Director, Vitalise.
  • Daniel Fluskey, Head of Policy and Research, Institute of Fundraising.
  • Eugenie Harvey, Director, The Funding Network, Global.
  • Professor Barry Supple, CBE, FBA, Former Director of the Leverhulme Trust.
  • Rachael Ward, fundraising consultant.
  • Richard Boulton, Business Planning
  • Marie Gilmour, Business Planning
  • Jonathan Bloch, CEO, Exchange Data International.
  • Fiona Ellis, former Director of Education, PFEG.
  • Amy Hinrichs, former Development Manager, London Community Foundation
  • Andy Thornton, former Chief Executive Officer, The Citizenship Foundation
  • Jennifer Oatley, Grants Manager, Tudor Trust
  • Danny Baldwin – Crowdfunding

Education – schools, FE and work-related

  • The Midlands4Cities Doctoral Training Partnership (M3C)
  • Centre for Research in Race and Rights (C3R), University of Nottingham
  • Professor Tony Gallagher, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Queens University, Belfast.
  • Toyin Agbetu, Community Educator.
  • Denise Barrows, former Head of Education and Learning, Paul Hamlyn Foundation.
  • Barbara Bleiman, Co-Director, English and Media Centre.
  • Asher Jacobsberg, Co-Director, Smart School Councils.
  • Nigel Rayment, Director, Magnified Learning.
  • Chris Rowe, Director, Navigation Learning.


Arts and Media

  • Franklyn Lane, Film and Media.
  • Tayo Aluko, writer, singer, actor.
  • Mary Spyrou, textile artist
  • Catherine Shrubshall, saxophonist
  • The Drum Arts Centre, Birmingham
  • Trish Kelly, ceramicist and artist
  • Ameena McConnell, Creative Fruits


  • Webster Wickham, Creative Designer, bwa design llp.
  • Carol Wilkins, freelance
  • Toby Treyer-Evans & Laurie Howell, Executive Creative Directors, Droga5.
  • Bernie Donohoe & Andy Donald, Vanishing Point Creative
  • Liv Wild, LMH education
  • Matt and Jill Matthews, brand designers